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February 25

Hotels re-vitalize old buildings

Art & Cult

A hotel in a former Tram depot, an old bank, school or newspaper headquarters… all is possible in Amsterdam. In the coming months Arcam (Architecture Centre Amsterdam) hosts the exhibition ‘City Hotels’ where they show fifteen Amsterdam buildings that have been transformed into hotels. Guess what… Volkshotel is one of them.

Over the past decade, Amsterdam has gained almost 100 hotels. More than half of these are housed in buildings with special cultural or historic value. Historic buildings are given second or even third lives. By doing so, the city has gained tons of extra public space.

betonblok 12Global meets local
The hotels chosen for the ARCAM exhibition, all have the running theme of ‘global meets local’, places that bring locals and tourists together. Reinforced by renovating buildings with monumental value, which also allow these hotels to identify themselves with the history.

1. Volkshotel Maquette Foto Lukas-GöbelExhibition: City Hotels
The exhibition features a carefully considered selection of fifteen characteristic hotels with the added feature of being explicitly accessible to Amsterdammers by hosting public events such as yoga classes, art exhibitions and ice skating. There will be examples of drawings, objects, photographs and stories from the selected hotels. Curious about all the extra public space in Amsterdam? Stop by Arcam to see the exhibition.

City Hotels
Location: Arcam, Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam
January 18 – April 12, 2015
Tuesday – Sunday, 13-17 pm. Admission is free.

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