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March 17, 2016

Photography is all about assocciation

Art & Cult

Recently graduated from the Photo Academy, the talented Maureen Marck (27) is ready to share her work with the rest of the world. You’ll find her series in the entresols on the ground floor and next to the stairs from Canvas to our eighth floor. Time for a chat about analog camera’s, inspiration and flowers: “I’ve always had the need to withdraw myself from the rest of the world and create my own universe with all my fantasies.”

When did your love for photography start?
“It all started when I did an exchange to Sweden, during my psychology studies. For only €5 we could use a dark room for 6 months, so within no time me and a few friends were spending a lot of our time there. I had only worked digital before, but I was really fascinated. When back in Amsterdam I joined some photography classes at CREA and when I found out my psychology master wasn’t challenging enough for me, I figured; why not try something else? So I went to the open day at the Photo Academy and here we are.”

foto (1)

Can you explain what it is about photography you like?
“I’ve always had the need to withdraw myself from the rest of the world and create my own world with all my fantasies. That is what I’ve found in photography – I create things myself and let my associative mind flow. I used to make documentary work before – which was pretty bad I have to admit – but through my work now I feel I can explore, create and share my associations within my universe.”


How would you describe your own style?
“I work with recurring elements and my style is very associative. For instance; if I recognise a certain smell, I want to figure out what it is and then it reminds me of memory in the back of my mind. Hence, I incorporate those links in my work. It was when I borrowed my dad’s old analog camera I found out that works for me. Suddenly it was more poetic, had more feeling to it and it felt much more intuitive.”


Now you’re exhibiting at Volkshotel.
“Yes! I’ present a series in which flowers and water are recurring elements. It is up to the viewer and his fantasy to create a story around it, I just hope trigger them to find their own associations. Most of my work is shot in my bathtub or bedroom as I don’t have a studio (yet), so this is my natural habitat for now. Works fine, luckily.”


What’s next?
“Ah yes.. I work parttime at Foam now, which I really enjoy, and then I also want keep focussing on my own photography work, which is difficult to combine sometimes. Also, being around all this great photography works at Foam makes me a bit insecure sometimes. And there is already so much photography! For now I just want to create new work and little exhibitions, work within different spaces and hopefully sell some work. Otherwise it all becomes a bit expensive, haha.”

Her work is on show from the 21st of March on at the entresols on the ground floor and the foyer on the eight floor. Check out more of Maureen’s work on her website.

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