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October 22, 2014

Special room: Cabin in the woods

Art & Cult

The dutch rain is clearly here, it’s time to hibernate and our special room ‘Cabin in the Woods’ is the perfect place to act like a squirrel and get cosy.

Back when Volkshotel was rubble and dust, it was decided that 9 of the 172 hotel rooms would be unique from the rest and what better way to achieve this than to have 9 different creatively minded people to design one each. From architects to toilet ladies, 40 ideas were pitched to Volkshotel. The result: 9 original, innovative, unique and of course, ‘special rooms’.

Whether it’s sleeping in a larger than life jukebox or dozing away in a tree house amongst  nature, anything is possible in Volkshotel’s special rooms. From layout to floor and from bathroom to window, every room is unique.

#2 of 9 Cabin in the Woods, designed by Gabor Disberg (40)

Gabor is an Interior Architect, involved in Spatial Design (let us explain) ranging from designing chairs to indoor architecture. For example, Gabor was involved in the design of store hubs in Schiphol Airport.

The idea
Camping in your hotel room but with much more comfort. The concept of the room is about the possibilities in landscape and nature.
Cabin in the woods 2 photo Mark Groeneveld

The room 
Outdoors comes indoors. Sleeping in a treehouse and exploring the ‘netscape’ where adventurous guests discover what they want and what they can do: read, sleep, climb, sex or just hang like an ape. The wild bathroom is covered with plants and some shade giving the possibility to shower with the blinds open!

The guest
This is the room for the intrepid explorer, the curious minded and those who like a little rumble in the jungle.

Cabin in the woods 1 photo Mark Groeneveld

The designer
Winning the pitch was a great achievement, it was the first Gabor has won since becoming an independant designer last year. And the first opportunity to incorporate the conclusions of his graduation project at the Gerrit Rietveld art school (graduated in 2010).

Cabin in the woods 3 photo Mark GroeneveldCabin in the woods 4 photo Mark Groeneveld Cabin in the woods 5 photo Mark Groeneveld

– Feel like camping in Volkshotel? Check out if the Cabin is available. Like all special rooms, you can book Cabin in the Woods from EUR 129,- a night.
– Find out more about architect Gabor Disberg
– All pictures (c) Mark Groeneveld

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