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September 30, 2015

“City Images” at Werkplaats

Art & Cult

As a small boy he got hooked on photography when he captured a set of pairing frogs in midair with his mothers camera. Now he portrays cities, their atmosphere and inhabitants. Inspired by photographers like Stephan Vanfleteren and Brandon from Humans of New York, Adriaan de Groot (24) manages to capture feeling and emotion with his camera. His exhibition “City Images” will be on show from October 2nd in Volkshotel, time to ask him about travelling, courage and capturing the moment.

What has inspired you to make this series?
“It is a series of urban pictures, made over a long period of time. The city always had a way of inspiring me, especially when I am on my own and focusing on everything around me. Often when I’m travelling I push myself to talk to people on the streets and ask them about their day. At one point I grab my camera to see if I can take their picture and surprisingly 9/10 times they’re up for it. It’s fascinating how everyone reacts differently when I take out my camera. Mostly they change in a good way though.”


The city seems to be your oyster, can you explain why?
“I love all the different influences and intentions that come together in a city, creating one big chaotic vibe. No one would ever be able to create these urban landscapes on their own, they are created by the masses and unique individuals that appear in the streets. The citizens that feel at ease in this chaos are often the people that appeal to me. Sometimes it is hard to find the courage to walk up to somebody and start a conversation, but when you are in a city surrounded by so many people you are very anonymous. That makes it a bit easier.”


It sounds like a pretty easy going life: travelling a lot, talking to a lot of people. Do you ever run to get a good shot?
“Sometimes when I figure out that I missed a great shot, for a second I consider going back. Mostly I don’t. I once almost missed out on a great shot sitting in the bus towards the centre of LA. A guy and a woman were standing under a viaduct amongst all their possessions, most of them burnt. The sun was setting but there was still a small ray of sunlight shining on their stuff. I wanted to get off the bus desperately, but it wouldn’t stop for about another 500m. When I got off I ran back there as fast as I could to capture the moment.”


“At that point a small American girl with a huge Canon around her neck stopped at the side of the road, just before I got there. We agreed to share the catch, so unfortunately similar pictures are wandering the globe elsewhere. She did give me a ride downtown though”


Adriaan’s works will be on show during October in Werkplaats. Come and have a drink with us at the opening, Friday October 2nd, and see for yourself!

// Portals into cyberspace
Adriaan de Groot
Facebook event
// Photos by
Camillo Fiorito
Adriaan Gjalt de Groot

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