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April 24

Folk: Mar-vellous

Broedplaats Broedplaats

Did you see the impressive fashion show at Bouwplaats Festival? We appreciate the love for the designer: Broedplaats tenant Marjolein van der Wal.

Marjolein produces under the name – MAR- VELLOUS, wearable art & fashion and textile installations. Her work has previously been displayed among other fashion performances under the name Les Avant Nu. Additionally Marjolein gives workshops and excursions and is also busy with styling and decor design.


Can you tell us more about your show at Bouwplaats?
It was the first co-production of mine with VJ Glitterende Eenhoorn- another tenant in the Creative Hub. He projected live drawings onto the models and their outfits.

The ‘Inside – Out’ costumes that were in the show were inspired by organic bony forms. You can compare it to the exoskeleton in insects. The change in and out of the body, where the surroundings have influence, is central to this.

20140329-55What is your connection with Volkshotel?
I came here when the building was in full use as a creative hub and there was an available space in the property. I have rented a room for about three years now and I like it a lot. There are so many creative peoples whose work inspires me and also initiates more creative ideas. Very useful and more challenging.

How did is the collaboration with other tenants in the Broedplaats?
It’s inspiring and motivating. The ever-changing new connections and expertise of people that you get know and then some crossovers and collaborations may occur and that’s super cool.

How do you see the future of Volkshotel for you?
Soaking up the sun on the roof terrace, bathing in a hot tub with a cocktail in my hand and enjoy the view!


Photo’s: Jelcke de Boer

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