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May 3, 2018

The 7 key records of: DJ SENC


Due to Canvas being located on our 7th floor, we ask DJs who are on our bill about their seven all time favourite records in ‘The 7 key records of’.

DJ SENC is the co-founder of Seawolf Records and was more than willing to share his 7 favourite records. The house music curator owns Seawolf Records, which is a record shop and label based in Amsterdam and Perugia (Italy). DJ Senc has a big love for the real Italian house sound and is a walking classic house music encyclopedia. Physical copies of some of these seven records will be hard to find.

Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
1983, what can I say about this year…it’s just one the best in all of dance music’s history. Songs like “beat the streets” show how a perfect transition from Disco to Electronic music looks like. Love this tune!

Solution – Feel So Right
Dancefloor filler track by Victor Simonelli, one of my favorite Deep House producers ever. Red Zone Club classic!

Brawther – Do It Yourself
Deep bassline and groovy beats in a perfect combination. Amazing record by the French producer Brawther, whom I had the pleasure to meet at Seawolf Records.

Sha’lor – I’m In Love
When thinking of masterpieces in the history of Garage House, this track in one of the first that should be mentioned. I just can’t get enough of this tune. Absolute joint!

Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bay
Crazy record! One of the best examples of switching among contaminations from Disco to Electro and House. It was in the far 1986 when Mr. Tony Humpries released this dope edit. Timeless!

Arnold Jarvas – Take Some Time Out (Dub)
Incredible Tommy Musto production. Slow and deep, but always keeping people dancing.

Master C & J – Face It
True Chicago Underground vibes. The bassline is so sick and I love the lyrics. Let’s “FACE IT”, no escape!


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