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February 12

Folks Area: Bar Bukowski


The East of Amsterdam is home to an eclectic mix of people and is still very up and coming, especially for new cool hangouts and we have found a little gem, Bar Bukowski.

Want to get rid of your hangover with delicious soft poached eggs? Well there’s no need to rush because Bar Bukowski serves breakfast until 5pm. Not only that, this minimalistic bar has a lunch menu that makes you want to try it all. Once Bubowski has cured your hangover, you should definitely try the special Bubowski Blonde Beer, brewed in Amsterdams own, IJ Brewery.

Bukow… who?
Bar Bukowski is named after the American poet and novelist, Charles Bukowski. This dear gent was influenced by alcohol, women and literature. In most bars, you can find women and alcohol, but Bukowski also feeds the literary minded people with nights where writers (mostly Dutch) read their own work. Not a big fan of literature? Every Sunday its Bukowski’s Filmhuis, showing all different genres from comedy to documentary. The good news is the Dutch don’t dub, so for the English movies all you have to deal with are the subtitles.

“Food is good for the nerves and the spirit. Courage comes from the belly – all else is desperation.” Charles Bukowski

Bar Bukowski
Oosterpark 10



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