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October 24, 2014

Dadara’s new project: interactive clock 24Hourtopia


When Dadara was 18, he got kicked out of Industrial Design college because of a lack of creative and visual talent. They actually gave him the urgent advice to become an accountant. Years later, he has been called an artist, theatre maker, banker and social media guru. But most of all he decided to only do things he loves: creating interactive, theatrical installations.

As we speak he’s creating 24Hourtopia; an installation at Volkshotel that questions our perception of time. Dadara: “How is it possible that sometimes an hour feels like a lifetime, or the other way around?”

People might know you from your work at Burning Man or Oerol festival. When you create a work or concept, what’s your starting point?
With every project, I try to create my own world where everything comes together. People should be able to participate, join in. Just like at Burning Man where they say: no spectators, only participants. In general, I’m really interested in the value of things. For instance, I came up with the ‘Exchanghibition’ bank that questioned the value of money and with my latest project ‘Like4Real’, I examined the value of social media.


I’ve never owned an agenda or watch in my life. Time has always been a really interesting and surprising concept to me, so that’s the starting point for my next art project. How is it possible that sometimes an hour feels like a lifetime or the other way around? We’ve turned time into something that’s measurable, but I think you have to feel time with your heart.

Can you tell us a bit more about the 24Hourtopia project?
It started out as a philosophical conversation about time with my partner in crime & time, Eileen Azad. This developed into a 24 hour installation at Volkshotel called 24Hourtopia. The idea is to build 29 life-size numbers, that will function as a clock. Every minute, the numbers have to be moved. We’ll film the clock in one 24 hour take, while life passes by in the same time and space: kids playing, people working on laptops, dancing, sleeping, eating and maybe even marrying. Basically life. I want people to experience time in a different way.


You’ve also started a Voordekunst crowdfunding campaign to finance the project. What can people do to participate? 
Participation should be the core of the project. People can help out with the clock, have a drink at the bar, eat with us, dance or come over to work on their laptops. Next to that they can buy time, for example 5 minutes, to support the project. In those minutes, time is theirs and they can do whatever they want. Whether it is a creative or financial contribution; it’s all welcome. That way we can create the clock and invite artists over, and they get to be part of a timeless art piece.

24hourtopia // 22th of November // Volkshotel // More info

Do you want to support 24Hourtopia?
Check out the crowdfunding campaign or e-mail your ideas to Dadara.

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