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March 7, 2014

New companion: Elke


This week we welcome four new companions. Today we introduce you to one of these: Reception Manager, Elke Sliepenbeek ( 26 ). “Last summer I read in the newspaper about Volkshotel and felt immediately enthusiastic. I still, cannot believe I work here now.”

Welcome Elke! What will you do in Volkshotel?
I am the manager of reception and reservations. Together with the reception team, I look after processing reservations and guests coming in and out of the hotel.

As well as a hotel, Volkshotel is also a cultural creative hub, a workplace for freelancers and a nice hangout for people. We will make sure that everyone feels welcome.

Where did you work before?
I was Operations Manager at Cocomama boutique hostel. I started just after it had opened. At Volkshotel I have started at an even earlier stage. Really exciting and great fun!

You had a pretty intensive application procedure – why do you think you were chosen for the job? Why do you belong at Volkshotel?
Gosh, I always find these type of questions difficult…

I think it’s because of my experience at Cocomama and my enthusiasm about the Volkshotel . I am very happy with the idea that this is going to be not only a place for tourists, but also for people of Amsterdam.

In recent years I have been in many hotels and it always struck me that – no matter how beautiful they were – they are not very accessible to the environment they were in.

And … why did you want to work at Volkshotel?
Last summer I read in the newspaper about the plans for Volkshotel. I recognized my own views on the existing hotels in Amsterdam that was very much described in this article. I immediately sent an enthusiastic mail and then a few months later I was invited for an interview. I still cannot believe I work here now.

What are you most excited about?
It’s a very beautiful experience to start before the doors are even open. Everyone is working together, towards the goal of opening. Of course, that is a moment that I’m really looking forward to!

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