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March 1

Seaworthy expressions to use on Amsterdam’s canals


Ahoy! On April 1st our Volkshotel boat sets sail again. It will take its passengers on a tour alongside the sweet spots of East Amsterdam. Guided by true ‘Amsterdammers’ as your captain, you’ll hear good stories about what’s to see. And this season not only Volkshotel guests can hop on, but all is welcome to enjoy the ride. So let’s get started. Here’s some seaworthy language to prepare you for your nautical adventure.

Ahoy! – Hello there!

Avast! – Stop!

Aye – Yes

Abandon ship – Please, leave the ship immediately. (Let’s hope you won’t be needing this.)

All hands on deck – Everyone report on deck.

Anchor’s aweigh – Being ready to go.

Batten down the hatches – Secure hatches and doors in case of a storm.

Cast off – Let’s go and do some sailing.

Doubloons – Pieces of gold (you never know what you can come across in Amsterdam’s canals).

Gone overboard – If someone or something has fallen into the water.

Grog – A pirate’s favourite drink.

Jack – A flag or a sailor.

Keelhaul – When sailors get tied to a rope and get dragged along the bottom of the ship. (Quite a severe punishment for misbehaving passengers.)

Landlubber – A land-lover. Someone not used to life onboard a ship.

Matey – A shipmate or a friend.

Port – Left

Run aground – Striking the floor of the ocean. (In this case we could hit one of the many underwater bicycles.)

Scallywag – A scoundrel.

Set a course – Steering the vessel in the desired direction. Like Amsterdam East.

Shake a leg – Make haste.

Starboard – Right.

Walk the plank – If you have to walk the plank. Pretty obvious.

Yo-ho-ho – Pirate laughter.

// Boat tour information

  • Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday // 14:00-15:30
  • Ticket € 12,50 // available at reception
  • The tour takes you through East Amsterdam
  • A maximum of 12 guests per tour
  • The boat sets sail from April till October

Read all about our 100 year old mahogany hunting boat Lorez.

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