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February 3, 2017

The red light district inside a hotel room


YOU ARE HERE is one of our nine Special Rooms. It’s designed in 2014 by experience creators Buro Curious and Linde Ex as part of a design pitch. The room is completely white and uses projectors to project Amsterdam’s most beautiful and characteristic spots on the surrounding walls. Recently a new area was added. It takes you to one of the oldest and most famous parts of Amsterdam and quite possibly leaves you with flushed red cheeks.

YOU ARE HERE by Buro Curious & Linde Ex
Buro Curious designs all kinds of experience concepts. Their office is located at Broedplaats VKG, in the back wing of Volkshotel. When they saw the open call for designers, before Volkshotel opened its doors in 2014, they didn’t think twice. “Creating interactive concepts is our expertise. It lets us look at a design in a different way (than for instance, an architect or designer). But how does one make a hotel room interactive? We decided to create a blank hotel room and invite the guests to colourise it.”

The result is a room that invites its guest to press a button on the Amsterdam map and be treated on a sneak preview of what there’s to see outside. YOU ARE HERE first offered 5 different experiences: Prinseneiland, Café ‘t Mandje, IJ-river, a night club and the Westerpark. Recently Buro Curious designed a new experience, that makes guests feel like they’re in the middle of the naughtiest part of town.

You are here 2 photo Mark Groeneveld

Red light district
“The idea of the duality of seducing and being seduced was an interesting starting point for this new experience. In other experiences we tried to catch the reality, but this new experience gave us the opportunity to ‘project’ a new perspective on the red light district. To transform this idea into reality we worked together with two performers of Just Another Prophecy. In their work ‘seducing’ plays an important role. Together with Mark Thewessen we recorded several scenes in front of a green screen. The result brings the concept of ‘seduction’ to life in YOU ARE HERE.”

Room preview // Secret Rooms festival // Sunday February 26th
For once you don’t have to book the room to dive in the new experience in YOU ARE HERE. During our location theatre festival Secret Rooms, on Sunday February 26th, Buro Curious will host a performance called WHERE ARE YOU? where visitors can immerse themselves in the cheeky experiences of YOU ARE HERE. After that, the room’s adventures remain solely for those who book it…

Special Rooms
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