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February 23

Upgraded Massage Menu


Neckache, backache, headache or heartache, a massage fixes everything. Barbara, our queen of the knots, has been giving people massages at our Badplaats and Werkplaats since April ‘15. But as time has passed, we’ve decided to upgrade our massage menu so you can now get your pains and aches kneaded out throughout the whole week. We talked to Barbara about the update and new faces we can expect.

You’ve been here for a while now, how has it been?
Well, I’ve already been here for almost a year now, giving customers long massages every Sunday and short ones on Friday evenings in Werkplaats. It’s been amazing, the fact that I can offer my clients a chill in a hot tub or sauna afterwards is quite cool and unique. But I figured that they should also get this opportunity throughout the week, which is why I asked two other talented masseuses from my company “We Like Massages” to help me out. 


Can you tell us a little bit about the new faces?
When I am not able to give the massages myself, either Angela or Annerieke will jump in to fill my place. Both are very different in person and style. Annerieke is a very spiritual woman, giving healing massages that will fill you with positive energy and help you relax. Whilst Angela is more like me, style wise. Focusing on loosening up your muscles and giving gentle but firm massages. 

Will the prices stay the same, throughout the week?
Yes, we like to keep the prices low and approachable. Everyone should be able to get a massage and a chance to relax a little. So the prices will stay the same, no matter who massages you.




Barbara 3


Annerieke 1

// Monday – Friday at Badplaats from 10:00-22:00
// Sunday at Badplaats from 10:00-17:00
// Chair massages every Friday in Werkplaats from 15:00-21:00
//Book your time at the reception or via

♢15 minutes chair massage for €15
♢30 minutes whole body massage for €25
♢60 minute whole body massage for €45


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