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May 11

Boat ahoy!


Hello, this is your captain speaking. We’re proud to announce a new member of Volkshotel: Lorez. A 100 year old mahogany hunting boat that will take passengers on a tour alongside the sweet spots of East Amsterdam. She sets sail every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 14:00 (from April till October).

About the boat
Built in England in 1908 by a Dutch company, Lorez was used for sailing through narrow rivers. Making hunting in remote areas easier. Thirteen years ago she got fully restored. Now she’ll use her hunting experience and good looks for you, to find those hidden gems alongside the canals of East Amsterdam.

A captain with a story
Not only the boat has a story to tell, but the captains as well. From photographer to handyman and receptionist. As true ‘Amsterdammers’ they’ll tell you more about what’s to see. And don’t worry, they’re pretty good sailors too.

Boat tour
Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday // 14:00-15:30
Ticket € 12,50 // available at reception
The tour takes you through East Amsterdam
A maximum of 12 guests per tour

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