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April 14

Britt’s Tip: Ron’s Gastrobar Oriental

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Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Britt, our housekeeping manager tips us an oriental inspired low key restaurant in the city centre. Britt: “I really love food and this place surely lived up to my expectations”.


This is not just another regular restaurant. Ron’s Gastrobar Oriental is owned by former Michelin chef, Ron Blaauw. After many years of cooking for his two starred restaurant, Ron decided to quit and get back to the roots of his passion. So he opened Ron’s Gastrobar, and later on an oriental version of the same concept. Both places are easygoing, affordable and serve delicious dishes. Britt: “I love their vibe, it’s very approachable and in no way overdone.” 


Their menu is inspired by Asian cuisine but with a twist of European flavors. As it’s build up around the ‘shared dining’ concept, the portions are quite small – but affordable. This way you get the opportunity to create your own small feast and try as many different things as you want. Britt: “My boyfriend is a chef, so we love to try out new restaurants. This place is perfect; everything sounded tasty and we actually got the chance to try so much.”


Britt grins and tips us that you shouldn’t skip the dessert, “I choose the surprise egg, and boy was that a surprise, it was delicious!” 

Who’s Britt?
She’s a sweet girl from the countryside and as country as this may sound, Britt also loves horses. Her favorite thing in the world is to go out in the nature with her horse and enjoy the fresh air and serenity. Some years ago she even worked on a range in Island and later Canada.


Apart from being a nature lover, Britt is also our housekeeping manager. After studying tourism and traveling a lot, she knows all about hotels and yes, it sure shows in her work. 

Ron’s Gastrobar Oriental
Kerkstraat 23
1017 GA, Amsterdam

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