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March 3, 2016

Joao’s tip: Sawyer Family Artistic Tattooing


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week our filmmaker and friend Joao tips his favourite place to get inked: Sawyer Family Artistic Tattooing, in Amsterdam West. Joao laughs: “After having experienced enough pain at a place, you will start feeling connected to it.”

The Sawyer Family Artistic Tattooing shop is run by Danny Boy and his wife Taziana Sawyer. Together they have traveled half the world tattooing people, before opening their shop in Amsterdam. Joao has known them for a long time already, as he is quite familiar with the tattooing world himself: “I come here so often now, that they feel like family. I’ve even got their logo on my arm.”


The shop has a lot more to offer than  two talented tattoo artists,  the shop is a gem on its own. With amazing art pieces on the walls coming from artists all over the world, cold beer in the fridge there’s always a lively mood. Joao: “You could go there just to sit and and take in the artistic walls, I do that quite often.”


They often invite renowned international tattoo artists to come over and help out. At the moment Joao gave his whole right leg to Jur Gillot, a talented artist and tattoo-artist-in-the-making looking to improve his skills.

Who’s Joao?
Joao is a fun guy with loads of stories. Back in the days he used to be a professional skater in Portugal, but as time passed he ended up in the film industry. He’s filmed  countless of crazy parties, interesting people and weird situations.


Joao is a freelance filmmaker and photographer, with a studio in Broedplaats VKG which is located in our rear wing. He often helps us out making teasers or taking pictures for events.

Sawyer Family Artistic Tattooing
Overtoom 226

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take tram 3 going towards “Zoutkeetsgracht”, relax for about 10 minutes and get off at the “Overtoom” stop. Walk down the Overtoom for about 3 minutes until you hit the tattoo parlor on your right hand.

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