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December 17, 2015

Job’s tip: P.I.C.


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Job Staal, partner of Volkshotel tips us a place that might change your prejudice about the Red Light District: P.I.C. at de Wallen. “If I were a tourist, I would definitely go there and get my facts straight.”


P.I.C. is short for Prostitution Information Centre, a place to go and get educated about what prostitution is, ask questions or just experience what it’s like to stand behind a “window”. The centre strongly believes that prostitution has and always will be part of Amsterdam. They find it important to speak openly about it and provide everyone interested, with the right information. Job: “It is important to offer the best care, make sure it happens legally and that women (and men) involved are treated well. That is why I find the centre is a good initiative.


Job tip’s you, to go there, get a cup of old school Dutch pea soup, have a talk with a former prostitute and get an understanding of their way of life. Job: “It’s important to understand that it’s just a job for most of them. Their window is their office and besides working they have completely normal lives.” 

Who’s Job?
Job has been working in this building long before Volkshotel existed. He started working for Canvas in 2009 and has since grown to become partner of Volkshotel. Other than that he is also a very kind and humorous guy that loves his city like no other. Job: “I’m proud that Amsterdam has kept elements that give it a rough, unpolished touch. I hope it stays this way and doesn’t turn too smart and hip.”


If you meet him drinking his everyday morning coffee in Werkplaats, he will definitely tell you to get on a bike and cycle by the canals, get lost and be surprised by the amazing things that Amsterdam has to offer.

Enge Kerksteeg 3
1012 GV, Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
“Hire a bike at reception”, is what Job would say. But for those not completely comfortable on a bike: take the metro towards “Centraal Station” and get of at “Nieuwmarkt”, from here walk towards “Oude Kerk” and it will be right on the corner.

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