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March 17, 2016

José’s tip: Rotterdam


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week our general manager, José recommends us to go to the upcoming Rotterdam. José: “This city has so much to offer, that it would be a shame to let it go by undiscovered, when you’re visiting Amsterdam.”


Rotterdam is just a short train ride (45 minutes!) away from Amsterdam, and it will have you flushed over with new experiences and a metropol kind of feeling. Because of bombings in the second world war, it has had to rebuild itself nearly from scratch. This resulted in a lot of new architecture, and later on an experimental art scene and creative city life. The trains ride throughout the whole night and day, so there’s no excuse not to go.


Apart from the amazing modern art scene, they have a really good down-to-earth nightlife as well. José explains that the Katendrecht area is definitely a good place to start the night. This is the former combined red light district and chinatown. But in the past few years, it’s been cleaned up and gotten rid of it’s bad image. Now it is a booming place for beer, no-nonsense café’s, good food and the only cider-shop of Holland.


In the mood for ending the night by dancing your feet of, drinking beers in a beer garden or listening to live music from upcoming as well as established pop bands? Then you should definitely go to the area around and in ‘t Schieblok. This is an old office building, transformed into urban laboratorium, where lot’s of exciting things are happening.


José’s night tips:
◈ Kaapse Brouwers – special beer heaven
◈ Cider Cider – first cider shop of Holland
◈ Café de Ouwehoer – No nonsense bar
◈ Café Labru – live music, vintage art, tapas & strong drinks
◈ Bird – hip hop & soul club, open till 4am
◈ BAR – good dancing, open till 5am

Who’s José?
She is what one would call an “eggspert”, ask her anything about eggs, and José will know the answer, or have a good egg recipe ready for you. Her love for eggs is so big that she starts every morning with a baked, cooked, fried or poached egg. It’s eggelicious. Apart from eggs she also loves Scandinavian design and fashion so much, that she even picked a Swedish boyfriend. 


José is Volkshotels general manager, keeping the hotel up and running. You’ll always see her on the move, but with a big smile on her face and a genuine interest for her fellow colleagues. 
How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the metro from Volkshotel to the central station. When you’re at the station, make sure to buy a ticket. The trains ride all the time, it’s easiest to look at the screens or ask at an information point. You shouldn’t have to change trains on your way.

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