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May 10, 2017

A one-on-one with Melon


Since last year Jeroen Hofer, better known as DJ Melon, has a studio in Broedplaats VKG, the creative hub that is nested in the backside of Volkshotel. We practically see him every day and he is extremely happy with his ‘second home’. To celebrate this, he will play a 5-hour set alongside his dad and his brother-in-law at in Werkplaats on the 12th of May. Enough reason to visit him in his studio and ask him some questions.

What is your relationship with the Volkshotel? How did you end up here?
I came here before the Volkshotel existed, because befriended DJ’s Tom Trago and San Proper both already had their studio in the Broedplaats and I spent a lot of time with them.
I wanted to have a studio of my own here, but it took me a while to find the right moment. This building has always been a special place for me and I love to come here. For me it’s the place to go for a meeting, or just to meet new people. There is a lot of creativity in the building- that inspires me. Plus, it’s only a ten-minute walk from my house, so it really has become my second home by now.

Volkshotel just feels like a big family; when they see me coming in they just need a quick look into my eyes to know what I’d like to drink: a ginger tea or rather something alcoholic, haha!

What does Melon stand for?
Muscular and juicy, warm and heavy, a lot of bass with a spicy drive, but still soulful. I think the name Melon perfectly suits the type of music I play, though of course it’s not the small Galia melon, but a big, round, juicy watermelon.

On Friday, May 12th, you will join forces with your father Max (Monoarchief) and brother-in-law Joos (CowPunk) during Friday Highday – A Family Affair. How was this formation created?
When I grew up music always played a central role in our home. We didn’t watch tv, we just listened and danced to my dad’s records. My parents have constantly stimulated us with music and I developed this passion into a DJ career. My parents were also very supporting and followed me to almost every gig. At some point my dad just figured he could do the same thing, so I basically let him play an openings set at the Mazzo and ever since he is hooked. This was in the same time that Vaaghuyzen, the first DJ café in Amsterdam where it all started for us, opened. And that’s where we know Joos from, who later married my sister.

Melon in the middle, with Max on the right and Joos on the left.

A Family Affair! Melon in the middle, with father Max on the left and brother-in-law Joos on the right.

What appeals you in a place like Werkplaats?
I enjoy keeping things a bit diverse for myself. Compared to a club for example, it is much more of a challenge to get people dancing in a place like Werkplaats. But more importantly it always seemed fun to me to play here, because of the really nice atmosphere.

To me this night will not only be ‘A Family Affair’ with my family and friends, but also with the people of Volkshotel. I think it is important to stay involved in the activities of Volkshotel and if I can do that by playing some music, I am keen to do it!

What can we expect during Friday Highday, May 12?
We all have a similar music taste and we inspire each other non-stop. Also, it’s funny and cool to see how my father broadened his horizon and became more interested in house and disco over the past few years; when he was younger he and his friends used to listen to free jazz and world music. This Friday you can expect a lot of funk, soul, afro, disco & boogie. Oh, and a lot of “brabo’s”!


Friday Highday – A Family Affair // Werkplaats // May 12
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