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March 8, 2015

Happy Bach Day


Maybe you’ve already woken up to the sounds of 24Classics on a sunday morning. These true pioneers have created an online platform with playlists that focus on classical music, spreading their love for this genre. Founder and director of 24Classics, Corine Haitjema has a new project ‘Happy Bach Day’, to celebrate the birth of this famous composer on the 21st of March – marking this day in locations such as Volkshotel and the Filmhallen. Time for a chat about her love for Bach, ‘gezelligheid’ and beer.

johann-sebastian-bach-4e33e4b36a6feHow did you came up with the idea of Happy Bach Day?
“24Classics has only just started last year and we immediately noticed that our Bach playlist was most popularly listened to. He was our ‘top scorer’ haha. So we checked when his birthday was and created a Happy Bach Day because it sounds funny. Now it’s all over the city!”

We noticed that it’s really spreading through town. What can people expect?
“In the Utrechtsestraat and at Waterloo square all the shops will be playing Bach, so that’s an amazing start. Next to that, there are cafés joining and we have several concerts with famous musicians. For example, the Philharmonic orchestra will be playing an intimate concert at Volkshotel with a crew of great musicians. Not forgetting to mention that beers and sausages are also included in the ticket, so I’m sure it’s going to be fun.”

10404025_331916366967745_1956042223262156098_oWhy did you choose Bach?
“Everyone I know likes Bach, he’s one of the greatest composers and has a big influence on a lot of people. It makes me really happy to see all these folks get enthusiastic about Bach Day, creating ideas and joining in. I can survive on that energy for a whole year haha.”

Sounds like a great vibe. Because there’s so much to do on Bach Day, can you give people some tips?
“Everything is special, so don’t expect me to give you a top 5. But to give some ideas: breakfast is served at the Zuiderkerk during Bach & Breakfast together with the Cello Biennale. After that, the Filmhallen screen a sneak preview of the Matthaus Passion, a great movie to watch in those red seats. To wrap it up we have Bach For The People at Volkshotel. That’s the closing concert of the day, so after that it’s time for drinks at the bar! Hopefully everybody will come together here for a beer and a little dance.”

Happy Bach Day in Volkshotel // Saturday 21st March // 21:00hr
// Tickets: EUR 15,- (including 1 beer + 1 sausage)

Find out the full program or attend the Facebook event (both in Dutch).

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