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October 11, 2013

Folk: Jouke Kruijer


Jouke Kruijer is an artist and consultant. A combination that he usually finds rather chaotic. He paints in his studio on the 2nd floor and is currently working on an online coaching tool for Human Systems Dynamics Institute Minneapolis. Quite a mouthful.

Who are you?
Jouke Kruijer

What do you do?
Artist and Organization Advisor.

How old are you?
Born before the Beatles breakthrough.

Where are you from?
Small village in Drenthe under Groningen .

What project are you currently working?
I am developing an online coaching tool for Human Systems Dynamics Institute , Minneapolis. We all have voices that drive our behaviour; the perfectionist, the epicure, the critic, etc. If you need to make a decision, for example, imagine you are a bus and all the different voices are driving you, they are influencing the road that you take. It’s nice when someone helps you to agree to let the different voices speak. With this online tool, coaches can visualise the person being coached, to make informed decisions. It’s a convenient way for people to coach from all over the world.

What is your connection with the building?
A place to paint and lounge by Canvas.

How would you describe the cooperation with other creative broedplaats people?
Varies from person to person, it’s mostly quite quirky.

What is your most special memory of the Volkskrant building ?
When finally after months of nagging I received a text message from Hay (co-founder of Foundation Urban Resort ) to say that my perseverance was rewarded with a contract!

Can you describe how you envision the future of Volkshotel?
Well, I know the Michael Berger Hotel in East Berlin, which was the inspiration for this hotel. It’ll be busy here in the future and I expect that artists will often have the space to do something for the guests.

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