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November 1, 2013

Folk: Ella Gil


Ella Gil knows better than anyone else how to throw a good party . She runs a company called Curious Behaviour, along with partner, Swaantje Nijkamp. They devise performance concepts combined with a great experience aspect, from home parties to festivals.

Her most memorable memory of the Volkskrant building….
” Drinking, dancing and demolishing, a winning combination … ”

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Ella Gil and my diploma says I’m a ‘theater-maker’. Along with Swaantje, I run Curious Behaviour, creating interactive concepts for festivals, businesses, museums, clubs and events. So for example, we have surprised visitors before premieres with special things in theme with the film they are about to see. For the Dutch Theatre Festival we welcomed guests in style on a red carpet so that they felt like stars for the evening.

How old are you?
Just under thirty.

Where are you from ?
I am originally from Nijmegen but have lived in Amsterdam for 7 years (after a quick detour in Utrecht and Berlin)

What projects are you currently working on?
It goes in all directions . At this time, mainly performance concepts for festivals. We recently developed a campaign for The Dutch Theatre Festival where we presented a pop up act at the opening of Fringe Festival. Aside from this I immerse myself blissfully between performers, photographers , DJs , spontaneous drum sessions on the dance floor, friends, confetti canons and hidden parties.

What is your connection with the building?
I’ve been here since the opening of the creative-hub in the building. At first we were situated in the front of the building on the 5th floor with fantastic views of the street and Club Trouw ( ideal for keeping an eye on the line and to jump in at the right time ) and for four months we have been on the ground floor with an equally great view of construction workers, very entertaining (and a wonderful distraction) .

From the beginning I have felt very involved in the building and everything that happens, so in Curious Behaviour style we make sure to be at every party and add an extra surprise element.

How would you describe the cooperation with other broedplaats people?
On the fifth floor there was a constant cross over between the people and their professions.

What is your most special memory in the Volkskrant building?
Hmm, where to start. Part of this building is that you never know what you will encounter. What I loved about the fifth floor is that you could find yourself in an open corridor caught between groups of rappers or in the middle of a costume fitting for a photo shoot

Can you describe how you envision the future of Volkshotel?
I am very curious about the new role of the building as a hotel. With the arrival of DOKA we have been off to a good start, the discovery of new opportunities and collaborations. I hope and expect that this will further develop and that we will be part of a building with infinitely many different faces.

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