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December 13

Folk: Marouscha Levy

People People

Marouscha Levy is a decor and costume designer, but also 3D designer and illustrator. Marouscha even has a 3D printer!

Marouscha designs for ongoing projects such as opera, theater and festivals. She has rented a room since 2011 with five others on the ground floor before that she was on 4th floor, but she goes to Germany for most of her work.

“As well as my sketches, I always make a scale model and technical drawing, this is to ensure the décor and sets work well. In addition to spatial design, I also design costumes for some of the projects, this is completely different because I have to deal directly with the people who need it, its very fun! Sometimes I put the emphasis on the costumes and I leave the decor in the background, aslong as the image remains consistent with the content. I just had a premiere of the opera Eugen Onegin in Weimar (DE)  and am working on two projects in 2014 one in Vienna and then Germany.”

Past and Future
Besides the hard work there is fortunately still room for a good party every now and then. Marouscha has many fond memories of the parties on 4th especially the Sunset Sweater Party, “it is such beautiful view of Amsterdam from this building.”

Marouscha has high hopes for Volkshotel, “I mainly wish for a place where everything happens, an easy going, inspiring meeting point – even if you come alone. With a good working atmosphere and even more parties, meetings, dancing, coffee and drinks, interspersed with a few lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, music and so on!”

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