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November 29, 2013

Folk: Nadine Faber


Nadine Faber is an artist and especially great at painting portraits with a tiny brush. She has just finished a big job and will soon be leaving to India in search of new inspiration.

“I thought that life as an artist would give me freedom so that I could do (and not do) what I always wanted, but I am in a battle with myself, I have weeks when everything feels oppressive, that famous ‘thesis’ feeling when I just can not begin! Terrible!”

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Nadine Faber and I paint mostly portraits with a tiny brush. The faces are often a kind of personification of something that keeps me busy at that time. I paint using egg tempera, gold paint and gold leaf as a kind of reference to medieval icons.

How old are you?
Born in 1980.

Where are you from and where are your roots?
I was born in Beilen ( Drenthe ) and grew up in Dwingeloo, the land of cyclists and moorland sheep. I have been living in Amsterdam for more that 13 years so now it’s time for something new. I bought a house in Kleiburg together with my friend, it’s very spacious and green there. Maybe we can even keep some sheep!

What projects are you currently working on?
Just an exhibition of the pieces that I’ve been working very hard on, but now..? At this time.. honestly? Nothing! Hence my urge to book a trip to India.

What is your connection with the Volkskrant building?
I have my studio here, along with Laetitia de Veth, a henna artist. First we had a room on the second floor and now we are on the ground floor.

How would you describe the cooperation with other creatives?
The real cooperation has not yet happened, but I have borrowed quite a lot of stuff. Tools – Jelmer or Harry, pencils and sharpeners – Marjolein, spraying Titia, (oops that sounds weird). Gosh, now that I think about it … I don’t think they have ever borrowed anything from me!”

Jelmer made ​​delicious cappuccinos for anyone who felt like it and Marjolein often organised Friday afternoon drinks. I went to festivals and parties with Marjolein and Les Avant Nu, places I would never normally go, in outfits I would never normally wear. Always fun partying backstage with Les Avant Nu

What is your most special memory of the Volkskrant building ?
That’s a secret

Can you describe how you envision Volkshotel for you?
I am really curious but I am confident that it will be an inspiring meeting place!

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