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November 8

A visit from the old chief of the Volkskrant-Pieter Broertjes


Former editor of De Volkskrant, Pieter Broertjes, takes a look around and reminisces over a cheese sandwich about his former workplace.

In 1970 Pieter Broertjes began as a 27-year-old boy in this Volkskrant building where he worked until 2007, after this he worked in the INIT building for three years and since 2011 has been the Mayor of Hilversum.

We walked together through the old editorial floors and of course just stepped into his old office on the first floor, south corner of the building.

We also received a lovely gift, a signed copy of ‘Een beeld van een dagblad’ (‘An Image of a Newspaper’) written by the late Han van Gessel. This will soon be found in the ‘library’ of the hotel.

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