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November 12

Track 'Fly By' by Jesse Koolhaas

Art & Cult

The first track that has been produced by one of our very own ‘folks’ from the basement, Jesse Koolhaas with ‘Fly By’ from his EP Extended Play ‘Somethings’. Nice work Jesse!

Name: Jesse Koolhaas
Artist Name: Jesse Koolhaas
Music Style: electronic in combination with  jazz and soundtrack elements
Name of the EP: ‘Some Things’. Design by nephew Jochem Ruijgrok.
Track: ‘Fly By’
Jesse: “This song reflects how my interests converge in my music . There are electronic layers, but also a sample of a jazz record and sound design elements.”

Jesse rents a studio ‘down under’ and produces his own music in addition to sound design which is also commissioned for advertising, theater, film and documentaries. At home Jesse plays a lot of records, mostly from the 70’s and fusion tracks from artists such as Billy Cobham, but Jesse is also a fan of Ennio Morricone and many other Italian film composers.

Jesse’s Soundcloud:
Website muziek en sound design in opdracht:


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