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November 22

Folk: Eva-van Halewijn-Pleeva

People People

Eva van Halewijn is known as our legendary ‘Eva Pleeva’. From Dordrecht, this forty-two year old, sociable and loving creative is our Miss WC for Canvas and DOKA. Alongside her nocturnal toilet life she has her own shop GALLERY TOILET.

The creative mind of Eve is unstoppable. She invented the ‘Kut stickertje’ (direct translation : Cunt sticker) a sticker that you can stick on anything you think is ‘crap’. Also Shopping bags with printed silkscreens of shopping lists. And it doesn’t end there…. ‘A Catpad’, a cushion printed with a laptop keyboard that you place next to your laptop so that you ‘Kitty Kit’ wont disturb you whilst you work. ‘Do not get mad, buy a catpad.’

We definitely recommend you to see these for yourself, it makes more sense on GALLERY TOILET. Eva is currently working on some underwear and she sells her 18 + magnets in the DOKA toilet on Thursday / Sunday.

What’s your fondest memory of the Volkskrant building?
The first time I went to visit Canvas on the 7th  floor, I circled around the building for some time, I could not find the entrance. The person I had arranged to meet who was already there, also found it difficult to explain where the entrance was!! hahaha! When I entered the staff were ultra nice. It was a pleasant chaos.

What do you envision for Volkshotel in the future?
A lot fun, creative, open, and not to forget DEAR people are currently working really hard, so it’s all going to work out great. It is an overlap of Amsterdammers and tourists from all over the world! Amazing is it not?

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