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October 4, 2019

Doka live talk with Stupid Bloody Tuesday

Ahead of Doka Live with britpop/rock band Stupid Bloody Tuesday this Thursday, we had a talk with them about the meaning of their name, their influences and why we all should come and listen to them.

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Who or what is Stupid Bloody Tuesday?

We are Stupid Bloody Tuesday and we make loud music. We are a three-piece band; drums, vocals, guitars, and bass. Expect marching drums and crushing guitars. Picture yourselves a bunch of young pups that just learned that they’re going for a walk. We’re ready to unleash a wall of sound to your loving ears.

What is the big significance behind your band name?

Well, it’s just a stupid name for the most stupid day of the week (if you’ve been partying a bit too hard on the weekend…) Oh, and it’s also a tiny reference to a song about a walrus by a boyband (just like us). Nothing more nothing less.

Which artists are major influences on your sound and why are you drawn to them?

As a three-piece band, we have a wide musical taste. We have endless discussions about whoever is the best band, or our number one influence. That discussion never gets us anywhere… Anyways, our sound resembles anything with amped-up guitars and growling basses. That comes down to bands like IDLES, Wolf Alice and The Libertines.

Why should people come listen to you guys?

Not only to us, it’s the mighty Brexshit Show! Flat Lager from Oxford will be there to represent the remainers. If you think that it’s stupid that Europe is struggling to keep itself together or if you’re saddened over the rumor that the Britts are going solo, come and celebrate in unity – we can still dance and get drunk together.

Doka Thursday October 10 // Stupid Bloody Tuesday + Flat Lager // Doors open: 20.00 // Shows: 20.30 – 23.00 // Event

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