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August 2, 2019

Pride-themed window drawing by Gerdien van Halteren

It’s Pride Week. To celebrate, Illustrator Gerdien van Halteren (This is Gary) covered our ground floor windows. Here’s what she came up with.

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« When I was asked to do the window drawings I knew I wanted to make these drawings Pride-related, which isn’t a big stretch for me because my work always includes themes like gender, body positivity and sexuality. »

« I wanted to show (self)love, inclusivity and vulnerability. These are illustrations I’ve created for this project specifically. The colors I choose for this work are purely aesthetic because I wanted bright colors to represent the Pride movement. My drawings are always very personal, they are like pieces of myself, often starring people I know. »

« Making this window drawing took about 15 hours. It’s the first time I drew on windows this size so I had to consider scaling a lot when I started my drawings. I’m very happy with how it all turned out. And I’ll be seeing this work almost daily, because I’m moving my studio to Broedplaats in the back wing of Volkshotel next week! »

« People mostly react positively to my work and my message, but ever so often I get reactions from people that say my drawing are ‘nasty’ or ‘too gay’. Those reactions basically prove my point on why it’s important to show and celebrate love in less conventional ways. »

Want to see more of Gerdien’s work? She previously made a chalkboard drawing for Volkshotel. Check it here.


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