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October 11, 2019

Broedplaats talks with Tom Ruijg (Tracey)


Broedplaats VKG is the place for experiment and creativity. The workspace is filled with notable young names and elderly starters, local and international talent. They produce, design, edit and create. For a better world or just for a living. This time we have a talk with dj/producer Tom Ruijg, better known as Tracey.

What is it you do in Broedplaats?
I’m sharing a studio with my buddy Anton (Darling). We both make electronic music by using a lot of drumcomputers and synthesizers. This is one of the reasons we need a studio space, besides the unlimited amount of noise we can make.

What do you like about having your studio here?
The basement is filled with musicians and producers only, which is very inspiring. Some of them were already friends, others became friends here. A lot of collaborations started here. For example: my first two releases under Tracey came out on Tom Trago’s imprint Voyage Direct and we did plenty of studio jams here. What is also great is that you can enter the building any day at any time. We also have access to the hot tubs at Badplaats and of course the bar at Werkplaats, which is dangerous but hard to avoid :-).

Any precious memories during your time here?
The alias Tracey was born here. So that’s something I’m grateful for.

What are 5 key tracks you listen to when you need some inspiration?
I don’t really have tracks that I listen to when I need inspiration, but here are a few tracks that always inspire me.

Kraftwerk – Numbers & Computer World 2

Aphex Twin – Delphium

Spacetime Continuum – String of Pearls

Lab Rat XL – Lab Rat 1

Ryo Kawasaki – Hawaiian Caravan

What are tracks you produced in Broedplaats you’re most proud of?
I just released my full length debut album, after I did a few EP’s in the last 2 years, which are all produced here. I think the whole album is a milestone and the fact that it’s produced here is something I would like to shine a light on.

What do you like to accomplish in the future?
The same thing as I’m trying to accomplish now and in the last few years. Make music that will stand the test of time, while experimenting and reinventing myself.

Curious what Toms music sounds like? Check him out on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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