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At Volkshotel, we like to give you some space. Whether it is for dark movie premieres or massive feasts. An essential conference or an awards ceremony. A cocktail shaking workshop or world peace committee. Use our space like a tailor made suit.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Five conference rooms, ranging from 43m2 to 164m2. From rooftop views to dark basements. A huge wooden floor or a hand painted wall. Have a projector, make it dark, get it catered… tell us what you want and we will take care of it.

  • Vilten Zaal

    Our smallest and most affordable space. Suitable for the smaller more intimate events but enough room to do the conga. Can be combined with the Betonnen Zaal for added room and higher kicks

    • 43

    • 40 theatre

    • 50 standing

    • Beamer
  • Petit Canvas

    The old installation rooms on the 7th floor are converted into one atmospheric place. With views across the city, makes mood lighting easy and sets the scene for any occasion including marriage reception and private dinners.

    • 82

    • 75 theatre

    • 80 standing
  • Doka

    Doka is our basement hideout. Suitable for achieving dramatic light shows or pitch black occasions, whatever they may be.

    • 118

    • 80 theatre

    • 100 standing

    • Beamer
  • Betonnen Zaal

    The light and airy space where innovators and opinions can be grouped in the natural light. An added extra with arty blinds. Combine it with the Vilten Zaal for extra room and power.

    • 68

    • 60 theatre

    • 90 standing

    • Beamer
  • Houten Zaal

    Houten Zaal ('The Wooden room’) named after its floor, is our biggest and the place where mostly, if not everything, is possible.

    • 164

    • 160 theatre

    • 220 standing

    • Beamer

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