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A sleepover for your best friend or dinner for your colleague. Countless coffees just for you or a complete cocktail night for your sister. The Volks Card can be worth whatever you want. Get this gift card at reception and if you want to know what’s left on your card, check it here.

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Good to know

What is it?
Volks Card is a gift card. You can put on as much money as you like.

Where to buy it
The Volks Card can be purchased at Volkshotel’s reception desk.
If you’re not able to stop by, it’s possible to order a Volks Card online by sending an email to Please note that this option is more expensive because you’ll have to pay for shipping costs (registered post).

The Volks Card can be used on every location in Volkshotel (Werkplaats, Canvas, Doka and hotel). This includes dinner, drinks and sleepovers. The Volks Card is valid for two years from purchase date. The Card can not be exchanged for money.

How to book a room
If you would like to book a room at Volkshotel, go to and choose the ‘flexible rate’ (the non refundable rate needs direct payment). It’s not possible to book a room without a valid credit card, so the bookingsengine will ask for your credit card details. Feel free to fill in your credit card details – we will not charge your card. You can pay with your Volks Card upon check in.


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