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Sat, 4 Feb // 23:00 - 04:00

Novel w/ John Gómez


Novel sees DJ’s as storytellers. By giving them the whole night we give them artistic freedom to tell their story to you through their selections. During the ninth edition of Novel the guest DJ is the Madrilenian Londener John Gómez. DJ, music and host of radio show Rush Hour on the famous NTS Radio.

John is a dedicated collector of hard-to-find music from all the Canada to Congo and back to Brazil. The Music From Memory men noticed this, too. They are going to release a compilation of Brazilian electronic music from 1978-1992, selected by John himself. During Novel John will show you he’s a professional in getting a crowd to dance as well. Japanese, Cuban, American: tunes from everywhere, but good vibes only.

Line up
// John Gómez
// Anel & Rutters

Presale // 10
Door //12

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