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November 18, 2015

Amsterdam Light Festival

Art & Cult

Winter nights in Amsterdam are long… really long. In December they can take up to almost 16 hours. The good thing about all this darkness is that there is plenty of space to show some pretty spectular light installations.

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So stop by this winter and spend the night in our hotel… if you like. These Amsterdam Light Festival artworks are within walking distance of Volkshotel, at the Amstel river and in Amsterdam East:

The Light Kite
Design: Tijdmakers / Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands & Saskia Hoogendoorn
Location: Amstelsluizen (close to the Carré theatre, 15 mins walk from the hotel)

With their work, the makers want to change the way people see things by showing them familiar objects in a not familiar way. “When you see a kite, you think of sun, summer and light”, they say. “Seeing a kite brings you back to your childhood summers. To the days when you had all the time in the world and could kite on forever. The kite is a universal symbol of friendship and freedom.”


The Uniting Lightstar
Design: Venividimultiplex
Location: Amstel (Close to Hermitage Amsterdam, 20 mins walk from the hotel)

Friendship is the theme of this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival. With The Uniting Lightstar this theme translated into an art piece.


Canal House
Design by: Irma de Vries
Location: Hortusplantsoen – Reinwardt Academie (20 mins walk from the hotel)

Canal House is a pretty spectacular videomapping project to explore and be amazed by. Maker Irma de Vries: “‘Canal House’ is a 18 meters high painting, that will come to live at night thanks to light projections.” The piece consists of different objects that symbolise the history of Europe.


Amsterdam Light Festival
28 November 2015 – 17 January 2016

Hotel package
Want to visit Amsterdam Light Festival and ar you looking for a hotel? At Volkshotel, we offer a special Amsterdam Light Festival package including free Festival Bracelets, which will provide you with discounts and gifts throughout the city. Get your hotel room on our website, by selecting the requested dates and choosing the option ‘Amsterdam Light Festival Package’.

Header image: Circle of Life by Rob van Houten (ALF 2014-2015). Picture © Janus van den Eijnden
Second image: Rebicycle Dome by Vasili Popov (ALF 2014-2015). Picture © Janus van den Eijnden

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