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October 22, 2015

Brainwash Festival

Art & Cult

The name says it all, get ready to let The School of Life serve you some good old brain candy. This weekend over 100 acknowledged Dutch and international speakers will cover: social, personal and scientific questions about life, hoping to change the way you think for good. We present to you 3 international speakers that you cannot miss.

Anita Allen
The personal advisor of president Obama and one of biggest experts on privacy. Anita Allen will question when our privacy is broken in a world where everyone always has a camera at hand and everything is constantly being sexualized. Can filming through an open window be categorized under artistic freedom or breaking the rules of privacy?

12015124_1007281325982094_3625507956539730144_o//from 14:30//±60min //Zuiderkerk

Oliver Burkeman
Stop thinking positively! Oliver Burkeman is columnist for The Guardian and believes that forcing yourself to constantly think positively about things will only make you more depressed. He has good news for you though, there is an alternative way to get success, and he will try and deliberately explain it to you.

//from 16:15 //±30min //Compagnie Theater

Julian Baggini
Do I control my brain or does my brain control me? Ever since the time of Aristoteles, have philosophers asked themselves exactly this question. Philosopher Julian Baggini will discuss whether we have a free will from every possible point of view. How free do you think we actually are?

//from 18:40 //±40min //Zuiderkerk

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