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December 8

December treats

Art & Cult

We’ve got some December treats up our sleeve for you! This Christmas month we decided you should get the chance to relax a little. That’s why we asked Hans Glock to create a brand new set of postcards with a little something on the back.


December is one of these months that’s supposed to be super cozy, but can end up being quite stress full. We know. You’ll have to buy gifts for your whole family and their nieces, eat loads of food that makes you gain at least 5 kilos, and last but not least you have to listen to your awkward uncle telling the same stories over and over again, while your aunt gets inappropriately drunk. To make up for all this December stress, we decided to treat you with something special.


A brand new set of postcards. Now you might think.. what’s relaxing about a set of postcards? Well, the catch is on the back… We want to treat all of you with a chance to spend a night at Volkshotel for only €69.


So, why don’t you use this chance to take a break? Warm up in our sauna, plunge in our hut tubs while taking in the view over Amsterdam and sleep tight in one of our beds while forgetting all about your worries…

Get your card for free in our lobby and use it, to treat yourself, your mother, lover, or any other. We hope to see you soon! 

© all cards designed by Hans Glock

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