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January 14, 2015

Flamenco on Sunday

Art & Cult

The Exhibition ‘Dancing Light – Let it move you’ is currently displayed at Huis Marseille, it explores the relationship being movement and still images. Along with ‘Artist talks’ from this exhibition, Flamenco dancing and workshops, Huis Marseille, Flamenco Biënale and Volkshotel present ‘Flamenco Sunday’ where dance and photography come together. This Sunday, the 19th of January, Volkshotel will be all about flamenco.

Movement vs Stillness
‘Que nos quiten lo bailao’ this expression literally means ‘let them take away the dance I already danced’ in Spain, the land of flamenco, the idea of pleasure is readily identified with the all-embracing experience of dance.

Can you capture the passion and emotion of flamenco in a still picture? The exhibition currently showing at Huis Marseille ‘Dancing Light – Let it move you…’ proves that it can.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.01.00The exhibition explores how photography, alongside film and video, turns out to be an ideal way to illuminate the characteristics emotionality, the transport of dance and its ‘primal power’ to move us. A photograph is a photograph, and a dance is a dance: stillness versus movement.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.00.32

Artist Talks from Huis Marseille
Together with Nanda van der Berg, director of Huis Marseille and photographer and exhibitor Martine Stig, Volkshotel hosts Artist Talks as part of the Flamenco Sunday – a day filled of photography, dance and a whole bunch of passion.


If you feel like taking your passion to the bedroom then book our package, which includes Spanish Traditional dinner and a night at the hotel for €139,-

Huis Marseille
Huis Marseille is the first photography museum in Amsterdam and was named after the stone tablet on the facade of the building, depicting a map of the french seaport, Marseille. It provides a distinct variety of photography exhibitions where rich history and diverse uses are given consideration.

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