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November 26, 2018

Frans Klos’ top photography picks

Art & Cult

Sometimes, you don’t have to look very far to find a hero. Enter our art curator Frans Klos, responsible for the quarterly expositions in Werkplaats. He specialises in Amsterdam photography. To him, Amsterdam is a character itself, with many different layers and moods. He selected three of his favorite images of all time. Take it away, Frans.


Na-Druk-Geluk-Brug from the exposition Stadsbeeld by photographer Elmer van der Marel

Frank: “This is not just a photo, it’s part of a story. Elmer van der Marel is led by his intuition, which seems to invent new stories on every corner. Personally I enjoy looking at this photo because I think the Olympisch Stadion and the area around it, is so incredibly charming. And I keep thinking: when I was young, we couldn’t jump into these waters. It used to be way too dirty so we’d probably end up in the hospital if we did.”

Untitled – from the exposition Window Dressing by George Maas

Frans: “Amsterdam is a very photogenic city, that’s why it’s loved by so many photographers. What caught my eye in this photo series is that fact that something so typically Dutch is captured. When the sun shines, many people want to enjoy it. Even it means bringing yourself in a dangerous position by sitting in a window. It’s something I’ve always noticed when walking around the city in the summer. Personally, I would never dare to do that!”

De Ruijterkade, Centraal Station Amsterdam – from exposition Eenzame Hoogte by photographer Thomas Schlijper 

Frans: “This morning light is just magical. And yes, Centraal Station has been photographed many times in many ways, but Thomas Schlijper captured this place in a way no other photographer ever has. He uses a large tripod which allows him to take pictures in the middle of streets, creating an unique view. To me, it almost has a medieval feel to it.”

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