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September 4

Got the Autumn blues?

Art & Cult

September is one of these months with a lot of endings and beginnings. Summer ends and so does the summer holiday. Work begins and so does the rain. To suit the mood outside we proudly present a brand new set of postcards.

DSC_0273Since autumn is knocking on our door, we asked 4 different artists to design a postcard that fits their fall feeling. The result is a set of brand new postcards, which clearly represent the depressing, rainy autumn mood outside. The sun has stopped shining, there is nothing to celebrate anymore and it will rain the next 8 months. But..

DSC_0283 kopiDon’t worry
We’re here to cheer you up! You can get your card for free at our lobby. To brighten up your day, we have placed a special surprise on our beautiful depressing postcards. If you turn the card around there is a discount! This means you can come to Volkshotel and get cheered up again. Relax in our hottubs while watching over Amsterdam, get exotic in our saunas or do a rain dance at Canvas.

DSC_0293 kopiYou can even spread the cheer and send the card to your mother, lover or any other.

We hope to see you soon!DSC_0271 kopi

Info on designers, in order of appearance:
Marloes Pijfers
Sabina Dik
Bart Eysink Smeets

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