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September 2

“Gouden Kalf” in Volkshotel?

Art & Cult

Volkshotel is a place for everyone, including filmstars. Broedplaats’ very own film maker Daan Veldhuizen is nominated for a “Gouden Kalf”, a prestigious Dutch film price, that is given each year at the end of the Dutch Film Festival

Broedplaats is part of Volkshotel and consist of 85 creative workspaces used by a diverse range of individuals. One of them, Daan Veldhuizen, is now nominated in the category best long documentary, with his film “Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice”. A documentary about what happens when the inhabitants of a small, remote village in Laos, meet Western backpackers in search for untouched beauty.


Being a tourist
Volkshotel screened the film on August 7th along with the opening of the exhibition I am Authentic, a photo series of life-sized portraits of backpackers and locals. It is possible to see these individuals straight in the eye until medio September in our Houten Zaal.

The price will be awarded on Friday the 2nd of Oktober in the Beatrix theatre in Utrecht. We will cross our fingers for Daan Veldhuizen that he wins his much deserved Gouden Kalf.

For more info:
Daan Veldhuizen
Next screening in Amsterdam

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