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July 27, 2018

Print your own postcard or poster during Volkshotel x GWA

Art & Cult

The entire month of August, Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam (GWA) will inhabit one of the work cabins in Werkplaats. Expect inventive designs, the scent of fresh ink and lots of pressing with lead and wooden letters. And of course, you can join in to make your own poster or postcard.

You can see the letterpress in Work Cabin 5 in Werkplaats. The cabin is open for everyone from Thursday to Saturday. Want to get in on the action? GWA is organizing a variety of workshops throughout August. Come and print your own poster or postcard on a real press any time you like. Tickets to these mini-workshops (30 minutes) are €10 and can be purchased at the reception.

Or join one of the special workshops. Click here for more info and dates.

Letterpress is the oldest form of printing in which the raised surface of text and images is inked and then pushed onto paper. And although letterpress has never really gone away, it’s popularity decreased significantly by the mid-20th century. However, letterpress seems to be making a comeback. “It could be a reaction to the overwhelmingly digital life we live nowadays’, says GWA coordinator Corine Elemans. “With many things being reduced to pixels people begin to value a physical object made by hand. Call it a letterpress renaissance.”

GWA was founded in 2004 to take the Dutch Graphic Heritage forward by conserving, restoring and using letterpress material. “The founders specifically wanted GWA not to be a museum, but a place where people come in and learn about the craft”, says coordinator Corine Elemans. “That means all of the machines in the workshop are operational. It’s all about spreading knowledge, and keep the beautiful craftsmanship alive.”

Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam

Molukkenstraat 200

1098 TW Amsterdam

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