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February 4, 2015

Special Room: Bathing Bikou

Art & Cult

Sometimes all you want to do is have a long soak in the bath, one that’s big enough for two. Our special room ‘Bathing Bikou’ – the place where the most important thing is the bath – is the perfect place to float.

Back when Volkshotel was rubble and dust, it was decided that 9 of the 172 hotel rooms would be unique from the rest. What better way to achieve this than to have ask different creatively minded people to design one each? From architects to toilet lady, 40 ideas were pitched. The 9 most original, innovative or unique ideas were chosen. Whether it’s sleeping in a larger than life jukebox or dozing away in a tree house amongst nature, anything is possible in Volkshotel’s special rooms. From layout to floor and from bathroom to window, every room is different.

#4 of 9 Bathing Bikou designed by Hanna Maring (26)

Bathing Bikou 3 photo Mark Groeneveld
Washing yourself is one of the main functions of a hotel room, yet most bathrooms are given little attention. ‘Bathing Bikou’ gives importance to the bath and incorporates relaxing, sleeping and bathing in one space.

Bathing Bikou 2 photo Mark Groeneveld
This room invites guests to spend time and relax. An open and minimalist space where colourful dividers create an intimate atmosphere, the japanese bath stands central to the room, just waiting to be filled. Relax, unwind, soak in the view and the bath. The perfect place to end a long day of exploring Amsterdam. Or maybe the room that makes you forget to go out sight seeing.

Bathing Bikou photo Mark Groeneveld

The Designer
Hanna Maring (26) is a product designer, working with furniture, tableware, lighting (anything that is a product), also freelancing for other studios. Hanna studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where she was taught by professor Bas Van Tol, after graduating he invited her to be a part of the creative team for Volkshotel. After nearly half a year of struggle trying to get the perfect bath, the reward was well worth it. As Hanna’s first interior project she learnt a lot along the way and now has the taste to do more.

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