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November 13, 2014

Special Room: White Bike

Art & Cult

When the rain holds off, we can all agree that Amsterdam is best explored by bike. Or if the rain continues to pour then you can pretend to cycle in our special room ‘the white bike room’.

Back when Volkshotel was rubble and dust, it was decided that 9 of the 172 hotel rooms would be unique from the rest and what better way to achieve this than to have 9 different creatively minded people to design one each. From architects to toilet ladies, 40 ideas were pitched to Volkshotel. The result: 9 original, innovative, unique and of course, ‘special rooms’.

Whether it’s sleeping in a larger than life jukebox or dozing away in a tree house amongst nature, anything is possible in Volkshotels’ special rooms. From layout to floor and from bathroom to window, every room is unique.

#3 of 9 White bike room designed by Thijs van Oostveen, 39
Thijs is an Architect, working on projects ranging from house interior to urban developments, he rents an office space in Volkshotel’s Broedplaats VKG.

White Bike Room 1 photo Mark GroeneveldThe idea
The room is designed for the tourist, in Amsterdam there’s nothing more dutch than the bicycle (apart from clogs, maybe). The white bikes refer to the PROVO movement, which came up with the ‘White Bike Plan’ where people could use white bikes parked around the city for free.

White Bike Room 4 photo Mark Groeneveld

The room
Bicycle parts everywhere! Every part of a bike is utilised, from wooden bikes on the walls, to a bed in a giant dutch bike crate. The tricycle bed was personally cycled to the hotel by Thijs.

The guest
This is the room for active people, those who want to push pedals, even the ones attached to the bed!

White Bike Room 5 photo Mark Groeneveld

Find out more about the designer:

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