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January 28, 2017

The ordinary world vs. Mark Rammers’ extraordinary view

Art & Cult

Mark Rammers doesn’t have an extended photography carreer behind him. Yet. He started as a hobby photographer, but recently decided to take it to a professional level. The series ‘Extra Ordinary’ in Werkplaats is his first expo. It’s shot in Spain, where he likes to drive around and look at the most plain and ordinary buildings. Good for us, because his way of viewing creates beautiful pieces of art. Good for him, because GUP Photography Magazine chose Mark as New Dutch Photography Talent 2017. Watch his work in Werkplaats until February 25th and read how his personal experiences inspired him for this series, before you go.

Mark rammers, werkplaats, volkshotel amsterdam

Mark Rammers – Extra Ordinary

So, Mark. What’s on your to do list for today?
“I just came back from photographing Baut’s new restaurant. They have a new pop-up location and asked me to photograph the interior. After this interview I’m going to the RAI’s new garage. I love that, it’s a great and empty space. I’m lucky because it’s too slippery for cars at the moment, so it’s closed and completely empty. Only clean lines, shapes and colours”.

That sounds like you. What’s your thing with buildings and structures?
“Well I also like to photograph landscapes, but the thing with buildings is that they are built by people. Buildings are extensions of people because they were designed, made and used by people. Apart from this, buildings are easy to stop and stare at. If you do that with people, they will think you want something from them or might even be offended. Buildings are more patient”.

Mark Rammers, werkplaats, Volkshotel Amsterdam

The title of the expo is ‘Extra Ordinary’. According to you, people often neglect the world surrounding them. How do you look at the world?
“I can sometimes view the world as if I’m watching a film. I could go to the cinema, but I love to drive and just look around. It relaxes me the same way. We are constantly on our way to somewhere. Everyone is always busy. But at times it feels good to stop and ask myself, why is this building here, what is its history, what is its function? If you stand still, you will see everything around you is in motion. Isn’t it weird that if we go on holidays, we take the time to look, but after our vacation we fall back into our same hectic rhythm? If we would take the concept of time a little less serious in our busy lives, we would take a little more time to see the objects and shapes around us”.

Mark rammers, werkplaats, vollkshotel Amsterdam

This is your first expo. Who or what inspired you for this project?
“Before I decided I wanted to be a photographer, I worked in marketing and sales. I did some photography, but not professionally. I wore my suit to the office every day and literally never had the time to stop and stare. After I quit the job, I travelled to Spain a lot. During that period of slowing down, I realised that there is actually a lot to look at. This project is really the output of the transition period I experienced from the moment I decided to quit the ordinary office job”.

Wow, that really completes the circle. What’s your next step?
“At the moment I am working on my next series, shot on 35mm film. In this series I think there will be more people. I mentioned that buildings are created by humans. The way I see it, they are the output, and in a way, the destination of people. The people, their faces and bodies, are in a certain way the steps towards their destinations. They create, they travel, they’re constantly moving towards their goals. We’ve now seen destinations; this time I’m going for the road that lead to them”.

mark rammers, werkplaats, volkshotel amsterdam

Mark Rammers’expo ‘Extra Ordinary’ is on display in Werkplaats until February 25th.

View more of his work on

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