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July 9

Poster art

Art & Cult

Volkshotel is a place for everyone and that’s why we invited the ‘Volk’ (meaning ‘The People’) to fill in blank Volkshotel posters. Under viaducts, on concrete walls, in coffee corners and pubs, our white Volkshotel OPEN posters were spread throughout Amsterdam. Locals, hotel guests-to-be, artists and wanderers grabbed a pen and got creative. Check out all the results in pictures & video’s.

Steven de Peven: “All my life, I’ve been wondering how many fineliners are needed to cover a blank poster. This is the perfect opportunity to find that out.” Watch and see what 12 fineliners and 10 hours and 26 minutes of non stop drawing do to a man…

Roxanne Dekker loves to create little new worlds inspired by music. Watch how Roxanne creates a Volkshotel world inspired by Claude Debussy.

Gijs Kast: ‘I adapted to the fast pace and the hectic of the Ferdinand Bolstraat, therefore my illustration has become kind of messy.’

Last but not least… Volkshotel invited Bonkie. An artist is born.

Many, many thanks to all creative minds: Steven de Peven, Gijs Kast, Roxanne Dekker, Joskaas Worst, Hans de Tekenmongool, Greg & Kim, Sasa Ostoja, Bonkie, The Dutch Sign Painters Guild, Frits Jan van Kempen, Merel de Haan and many more…

A sum up of all contestants, put together in one slideshow (click on the right corner arrow to see full size pictures):

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