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October 8

-1 tot 7 in the Volkskrant building


A book is published to mark the Milestone of Five Years of Work and Life inside the Volkskrant Building.

In honour of the fifth anniversary of Volkskrant building as a creative hotspot (broedplaats) in partnership with Urban Resort . We mark this milestone with the production of the book ​ ‘-1 to 7 – Five Years of Work and the Life Inside The Volkskrant Building’

Foundation Urban Resort is the link between vacant properties and creative entrepreneurs who are looking for work space. Together with Canvas, Urban Resort have made the Volkskrant building a creative hotspot.

The book includes beautiful analog photography by Maarten Tromp, (photographer, filmmaker, and former entrepreneur in the building) and interviews with former tenants who give a good idea of ​​how things have developed until now. The graphic design in this book is the work of two former tenants, Diether Eichler and Raul Balai of the ‘IJzeren Gordijn‘ (‘Iron Curtain’).

If you compare the photographs with how the building looks today, it seems like an eternity ago.

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Title: -1 tot 7
Subtitle: Vijf jaar werk en leven in het Volkskrantgebouw
Author: Sophie Lever
Photography: Maarten Tromp
Graphic Design: Het IJzeren Gordijn
Editing: Willemijn Kruijssen en Hinke Hamer
Publisher: The Magnificent 8 BV
Size: 112 pagina’s
Delivery Date: 2 juni 2012
ISBN-nummer: 9789081923200

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