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October 15, 2018

ADE Road Story: Cosmic Rhythm


On the Friday night of ADE, Canvas will be taken over by Cosmic Rhythm. The Italian record label invites house music legend Jovonn on our 7th floor club. We asked the boys to keep a diary for the week leading up to this event. So this is what preparing for ADE looks like…


You know, we are Italian and our diet is mainly based on coffee. There’s nothing better to kick off the day than taking a proper espresso in the early morning, to wake up. It’s the perfect energizer for the day, and get’s even better if accompanied by a joint to activate the production process. 

Garden & Adriatic sun

Well, this is another fundamental point to start the day in the proper way. Outside of our studio, situated in Bari, in the South of Italy, there is a place where we can enjoy the scent of the Adriatic Sea, wind through the leaves and bird calls. And of course: the sun. Our God, our source of power and inspiration.


Usually, we use to start the day listening to music, digging in our libraries or spending some time in vinyl stores to buy some old and new treasures. This, for example, is one of our last purchases: a re-framed version of classic Manuel Göttsching’s “E2-E4”, totally re-interpreted by Scott Grooves and his ensemble. Pure class! 

Music production

Not a day goes by where we don’t make music. It’s a perpetual process. Even when sleeping, our minds are developing music and stories. So also when preparing for a big event during ADE, we are always making new music. Every day is exactly the same!


Friends are also an integral part of our lives. Every day a bunch of friends come by the studio just to chill out in the garden or to talk about music. We have a coffee together (sometimes of course, while also enjoying a spliff) or jam together. 

About the event

On Friday October 19th, Southern Italian label Cosmic Rhythm invites 90s New York house music legend Jovonn (US) for a special 2,5 hour long DJ set.

Facebook event
Doors open: 23:00 – 06:00
Presale: €12,-
Door: €15,-
ADE delegates: Free entry

Get your tickets here.

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