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March 22, 2018

Dancefloor Maintenance: April line-up


Jens, our head of programme talks about how next month’s line-up came together. He is a real house-music nerd. There is something about a 4 by 4 beat, 120-something bpm and the warm, rolling house sound that he cannot live without. In this series; ‘Dancefloor maintenance’, we ask him to do a little write-up on how the programme came together and what we can expect for the coming month.

So; What’s up for April?
Well if I look at next monts line-up, it fills me with joy. Yet again there’s such a diverse group of people sharing their take on what a great night is. It varies from serious groovers to party maniacs, but they all have the same mission: to make sure our dancefloor is bursting with energy. I’m greatly looking forward to yet another month of a fun-filled Canvas.

When OnderOost approached us to host a party on the 6th of April, I was super happy to hear their story, seeing they are deeply rooted in the east of Amsterdam. I mean, it’s literally in their name. They have this great combination of fun & credibility that make for a good night. With a not-too serious approach to the dancefloor, combining hits, classics & bangers, it’s going to get wild.

ManooZ played Canvas late last year and he truly delivered. The sound ManooZ plays is a straight-up representation of what my musical vision is for Canvas. Back then it was a huge confirmation that the style I try to put down fit the location. When he dropped his new EP#2 on Housewax two months ago, I knew I had to have him back again. Well, the 7th of April it’s him & Will Green who take the stage.

For the second weekend of April, I invited some of the regulars in the Utrecht scene to take the stage. On the Friday we kick off with Ivy Knock, while I was checking him out I was surprised by his ability to put disco and acid so fluently and seamlessly together. He is joined by Tilburgs finest Ben Penn. While browsing the Safe Trip records shop, I kept going back to this track called Carrera produced by Ben. When he later reached out to me, I knew we had to make sure this happened. I’m really curious to hear the blend that Ivy and Ben are going to bring to Canvas.

 On the 14th of April Mauro Moreno will take the train from Utrecht to our seventh floor. He has a really warm & rolling approach to house music, hence why I had to put down Anansi next to him. If there’s one guy in Amsterdam who understand warm grooves it’s Anansi. Although it’s a new match, I’m looking forward to this match made in heaven.

20th of April the Best Kool boys are at it again – they truly are a rowdy bunch of guys who do dress up Canvas a bit differently. With a podium in the middle of the dancefloor, DJ booth at the side, live band playing and a preference for soul, boogie & rock’n roll from the 50/60’s you can say that during these evenings Canvas looks and feels very different. If you have special dancing shoes, this is the night to wear them, because you’re going to get moving for sure.

Radio de Koperen Hond takes over Canvas on the 21st – with their (very) dry wit and knack for the performing arts & theatrical approach to a dance floor, they will create a new dancing experience. Last time they were here, they showed up with a family of mannequins, 40 kilo’s of fancy dresses and so much confetti you could swim in it. (RDKH: Please don’t bring confetti this time).

Click hear to see the live stream from last time

26 April – For Kingsnight in Amsterdam, there is no better combination than Kraak & Smaak and Canvas. Last year they were here with an exclusive vinyl-only DJ set. I never saw a DJ bring so many records to a gig as Kraak & Smaak did that night, I think there were 8 or nine full-size record bags in our booth. The entire booth looked like a recordshop, with careful selections being lined up before they were played. A truly unique experience to see real selectors at work. They are joined by their label-mates Moods and Snacks, so this is going to be one for the books for sure.

On Kingsday the boys from More Bounce are hosting their night at Canvas. As always: last Saturday every second month is for the More Bounce Collective. For this Kingsday edition they prepared something special: they have Midas Hutch, the funk-oriented side-project of FS Green, during the peak-hours of this party. More Bounce in combination with Midas Hutch will be a true pleasure to dance to.

With three parties during this kingsday-weekend, I signed up to do the closing duty in Canvas myself. I’m joined by good friend & DJ buddy Beumer for a bit of a hangover edition of Canvas Nacht on the 28th of April. Beumer and I will be taking you on a musical journey that will make you forget your Kingsday headache. All in all this night will be the perfect way to end yet another action-packed month, filled to the brim with the old, the new, the groovy and most of all: the housey. As always;

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Jens Rasmussen

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