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November 30, 2017

Dancefloor maintenance: December line-up


Our Head of Programme talks about how next month’s line-up came together.

With a new head of programme naturally there will be new sounds flowing out the speakers in Canvas. Jens, our new head of programme, is a real house-music nerd. There is something about a 4 by 4 beat, 125 bpm and the warm, rolling house sound that he cannot live without. In this new series; ‘Dancefloor maintenance’, we ask him to do a little write-up on how the programme came together and what we can expect for the coming month.

So; What’s up for december?
December marks the month where the sound of Canvas feels like it’s taking shape. With several international bookings, a pile of new collaborations and some of the new residents having their nights here it seems to go in the direction that I have envisioned for the place.

The 1st of december with Krywald & Farrer, requires a bit of background on where my house-music itch came from. Namely the St. Germain album ‘Boulevard’. This album had been flowing around the CD cabinet of my parents for years before I discovered it. When I first put it on I was, and still am, hooked. It still receives a monthly listen from start to finish to this day. When I found Krywald & Farrer’s edit of ‘Thank U Mum’ on their Persies imprint I knew that if I ever got the chance, I wanted to book these guys. Their ability to respect the origins of the samples & tracks they use, but still manage to transform them into dancefloor smashers, is unheard of.

December 02
I can thank Joel Hemmen about my knowledge of RUtilance and their releases. He pointed me in the right direction during a discussion on French house music. Since then the label of DJ Steaw and Gunnter has a growing presence in my record collection. There is a groove to their music that makes it impossible to sit still. With quirky samples, killer synths and strong influences of the US 90’s house scene, they are truly on the forefront of a new wave of French house labels that define the genre.

The weekend after on the 9th of december, we’re greeted by Beste Modus regular ManooZ. Since the launch of the new Canvas sound I have been teaming up with Beste Modus for several nights. A new collaboration that so far has proven to be an instant match. He’s joined by Attek, one of my favourite producers at the moment. I was in shock when I discovered he was living right next door in Haarlem. I can do nothing more than thoroughly advise you to check his new releases on labels as Large & STRCTR – the sounds he’s releasing at the moment are going to blow up very, very soon.

Our external hostings for this month are coming from Koffie Verkeerd (8 Dec), Best Kool (15 Dec), Midnight City (16 Dec) and More Bounce (29 Dec). With Pomrad [live] on the bill over at More Bounce, Best Kool invited ‘Rayn & the flavours of Soul’ over to their soul-filled evening. Midnight City is back at it with their distinguished house & disco edits-sound, and have a killer booking with LK from Shall Not Fade.

During the weekend before the holidays experiment and genre-fluidity are the keywords. The night with Gayance, Kreshik and Hellie Berry on the 22nd is maybe the biggest surprise in the programme. I’ve been trying to find the right night and spot for Gayance and Kreshik to join us at Volkshotel. With their ability to blend together hip-hop, disco, jazz and house like they were meant to be, it was an obvious choice to place them alongside selector at heart and Canvas regular Hellie Berry. Saturday the 23rd selection is the mission with Iggy P and the boys from Filament.

As a pre-party to our NYE, I’ll be hosting a bit of a new evening myself: Løkke & Friends. I’ll play an all-nighter in Canvas, where I’m joined each hour by one of our residents.

The day after our NYE party takes place. With XOA, Nachtbraker, L’Atelier, Guy Gravier & Marcel Barlag in the main room. It’s an Amsterdam/UK packed line-up that’s bound to make an unforgettable evening. Hutjemutje is hosting the second room, which will get as crazy as can be. Bubbles all around!

With December as a taste for what 2018 will bring, I can’t wait to dive into the new year.

As always;

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Jens Rasmussen

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