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July 3, 2018

Dancefloor Maintenance: July & August line-up


Jens, our head of programme talks about how next month’s line-up came together. He is a real house-music nerd. There is something about a 4 by 4 beat, 120-something bpm and the warm, rolling house sound that he cannot live without. In this series; ‘Dancefloor maintenance’, we ask him to do a little write-up on how the programme came together and what we can expect for the coming month.

So; What’s up for July and August?

Well, first of all, I have some big news – drumroll please – we have new subwoofers in Canvas! And oh boy, it’s such an improvement in the depth and warmth in the sound. The often bass-driven music that defines the Canvas sound can really be fully appreciated with the new system. It simply sounds great.

During the summer months, we have a bit of a different programme than during our regular club season – we are hosting only one artist for the entire night, and there is no entry fee for two months. These two months are a try-out for new residents, to check new sounds in Canvas or to hear old classics again.

The first night of July, we start with an exception to the ‘one artist a night’ approach. We’re joined by DJ Tim and ENKA in the booth. Two Greek guys that know their music through and through. They take a lot of their influences from the obscure spectrum of electronic music, combining it with ultra-danceable tracks. The day after on the 7th, Afrikaboomnada is up for, apparently, his first all-nighter ever. He combines hip-hop influences with house music and African rhythms for some booty shaking madness.

The weekend after it’s up to the classics. Both in programming and in music. On Friday the 13th it’s up to Aurelius in the booth, and on Saturday the 14th I’ll take over as Løkke. This means a weekend of heavy hitters combined with New York classics and Italian sweltering house tracks. Real Canvas style!

Speaking of Italian house music, the 20th of July Cosimo Colella takes the stage. The Italian classic-house legend recently moved to the Netherlands, so I’m greatly looking forward to be having him over for a night of real house music. He really is one to watch! Another ‘first’ in Canvas is Dorothy on the 21st of July. These two guys have been tearing up the dancefloor in Canvas as dancers with their crazy dance moves, time to see what they offer in the booth.

On 27 and 28 June, we have DJ Senc (Friday) and Súya (Saturday). Of course, DJ Senc is known for his extensive record collection within the nineties house sound because, well, he owns a record store named Seawolf Records. Súya, on the other hand, is a first-timer in Canvas. He finds connections between real old school house music and recent releases. Which results in some crazy blends and a really enjoyable listening experience. It’s super engaging in a “what will he play next?” kind of way.

As we move into August, it’s time for a Mr. Speak all-nighter. With one of the largest record collections in Amsterdam (he’s been collecting for quite some years), we’re in for a treat. Expect swinging disco, rare house records and other jaw-dropping selections. Speaking of selections – on the 4th of August FIlament Deejays take over. These guys are selectors pur sang. With vast musical knowledge in the deep bellies of underground electronic music, they will take you on a cosmic trip throughout the night.

On the 10th of August we’re going to get groovin’ hard. With the two guys from Oldskool Groovement, it’s all about creating a lot of energy on the dancefloor. The three guys of KUMA are up to the task on the 11th of August. They are known for their regular Monday night in Sugarfactory, which has been going for more than four years now, so they’ll bring a ton of experience with dancefloor-filling music.  

On the 17th another Canvas classic takes place. With Beumer in the booth, you can’t really go wrong. In his recent sets, he’s been taking a bit more left-field approach to dance music, where he’s searching for Balearic breaks and extended cuts of broken beats. I’m looking forward to hearing this new sound of his in Canvas. On the 18th however, we’re up for quirky disco-cuts combined with classic house and acid breaks coming from Fizzy Fudge.

A few months back Mauro Moreno came over for a set on a night together with Anansi. We even ended up playing b2b2b during their closing set because it was such a good musical fit with the place and what I had envisioned Canvas to be. Great vibes all around! On the 24th of August, he gets a full night to himself. Come check it out for sure! On the 25th the RafTaf associate Micha Lensink joins us for grooving minimal house music, I’ll join in the booth for some head-bopping tracks that make your body move.

And last but definitely not least, the 31st of August it’s Kremlin Disko time. The energy that Antonio brings to the booth is insane. When he is moving between the decks, there simply is no other option than to move with him. Without realising it he’ll take you by the hand and make you dance the night away.

So all in all, there are two months of great artists lined up for a summer filled to the brim with great vibes and dancing the short summer nights away in Canvas, it’s a summer I’m greatly looking forward to. If you want to experience the full-on Canvas experience, don’t forget that we have a weekly BBQ going on in Klein Canvas every sunny Friday afternoon during these two months. What better way to enjoy the weekend than with a sunny rooftop terrace, great BBQ and knowing you can dance the night away afterwards. As always,

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Jens Rasmussen

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