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May 25, 2018

Dancefloor Maintenance: June line-up


Jens, our head of programme talks about how next month’s line-up came together. He is a real house-music nerd. There is something about a 4 by 4 beat, 120-something bpm and the warm, rolling house sound that he cannot live without. In this series; ‘Dancefloor maintenance’, we ask him to do a little write-up on how the programme came together and what we can expect for the coming month.

So; What’s up for June?

With the city blooming, the sun out, and great summer vibes throughout the city, it feels like there’s electricity in the air in Amsterdam for the last couple of weeks. If we can maintain this energy, we’re bound for a beautiful June. A few weeks ago we hosted our first rooftop-BBQ, Canvas Op Hete Kolen, which was such a success that we decided that we’ll be hosting this event as often as the weather permits it. If you ever feel like Amsterdams highest BBQ, check out our recurring event on FB to check if it’s happening this weekend.

As for music, we’re also in for a treat this month. Yet again it’s a ram-packed and neatly varied month, but with the distinguished Canvas sound throughout all the evenings. We kick off with RRHaus;

RRhaus’ initiator Robin was one of the first ambassadors of Canvas when I started. Throughout my time here, he’s one of the guys who has really been pushing the Canvas sound. So when he contacted me with the concept for RRhaus, we immediately understood each other on a musical level. He kicks off the June programme with the first edition of RRHaus. Raw house-music all the way!

The day after we’re taken on a cosmic trip through 4/4 music wonderland with Cosmic Sans behind the decks all night long. Since their latest gig in February, Christiaan (half of Cosmic Sans) really has been playing the building, with regular gigs during restaurant hours, Doka and Werkplaats. It’s going to be a pleasure to have them during the nighttime hours in Canvas again on the 2nd of June.

On the 8th of june we have a German visitor. Berlin based Mountak will bring his distinguished sound consisting of lo-fi influences, the occasional acid line and a nice mix between stone cold classics and more recent heavy house tracks. He’s joined in the booth by Kurley, one of the head-honcho’s of the Late Night Burners crew. This will be a really bass driven night filled to the brim with bangers.

The 9th t’s time for the second edition of the Turkish/Dutch collaboration with They Sleep We Grind. They said it perfectly themselves: during this night you can expect hot ‘n heavy rains, sizzlin’ storms and a sweaty attitude. The regulars will be behind the decks: Fizzy Fudge & Lz MC Can.

15th of June – it’s up to Best Kool, one of the organisations that always invite a live band to come and play in Canvas. This time they invited LaGarçon, a super quirky Amsterdam based pop-indie-funk-r&b band. They will take you on a crazy absurdist trip, singing dirty songs based on insane house parties and what happens when you’re alone at night. This in combination with the soul force that the Best Kool resident DJs will bring, this is bound to become a great night.

For some years I’ve been following the tracks that Dopeness Galore has been releasing, so it was a pleasant surprise to me to hear they had their headquarters right here in our basement. After a few back-and-forths, we agreed that it’d be great to do an evening together. It was without question that we needed to have the Dopeness Galore head-honcho, Wouter Brandenburg himself there. The 16th of June he’s joined by Belgian connaisseur Alfred Anders for a night of disco fuelled acid-house mania.

The 22nd we reach for the stars! It’s the day of ROEF festival, the rooftop festival that will take place throughout all of Amsterdam. During the early evening hours we have an elaborate programme at Badplaats on the 8th floor. In between the hot-tubs and our sauna, there will be all kinds of star-related talks, shows, bands & workshops (and even a very naughty how-to). In the evening we host the afterparty for ROEF in Canvas. We’re joined by Fox&Mink and Kimchi Radio, so we’re bound for hits, hip-hop, r&b, house, disco and everything in between mixed into a cocktail that will make your body move.

On the 23rd of June we have Midori Aoyama joining us in the booth. This Japanese selector & event organiser is one of the guys who has regularly been bringing Dutch talent like Nachtbraker and Kamma & Massalo over to play at his events in Japan. He’s doing a mini-tour throughout Europe, so it’s a great opportunity to show him how we do it at Canvas.

The second Turkish connection this month is Kerem Akdag, the Istanbul funk-train packs his synths and controllers to come perform a special live-set during More Bounces’ 2 year anniversary on Friday the 29th of June. It’ll be the first gig in the Netherlands for Kerem Akdag, but this definitely won’t be his last, his sound is going to get huge really soon.

Another first this month is during the 2 year anniversary of the Ondersteboven crew. The guys invited GUTS, the legendary 90’s hip-hop & soul producer from France. Nowadays he mixes these nineties influences with some more housey vibes – with this being his first gig in the Netherlands, it’s going to be a legendary start of the summer.

As always,

Zie je links voor.

Jens Rasmussen


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